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Self-knowledge and Femenine Cyclicity Program

What is the Self-knowledge and Femenine Ciclicality Program?

It is a process of Self-knowledge based on my knowledge of Life Coaching and all the personal work that I have done to reconnect with my Sacred Feminine through different techniques and therapies.

It is a process to resignify and remember who we are and how we can connect with our inner guidance, how to connect with the potentialities and wisdom that our body and feminine cyclicality bring us to manifest the life we deserve.

What things are we going to work on?

  • Discover the difficulties, challenges or stuck areas in your life, and set goals

  • Discover and connect with our menstrual cycle as a tool for self-knowledge

  • Learn to connect and listen to our 4 bodies (mental, physical, emotional and energetic).

  • Connect with our sexuality, sensuality and creative energy.

  • Learn to accept, appreciate, value, love, be more compassionate with ourselves, through awareness and understanding of our bodies and our female cyclicity.

  • Resignify the relationship with femininity, with our bodies, cyclicality and menstrual blood, remembering the potential in them.

  • Self-diagnosis through the observation of our menstrual blood and the language of our body.

  • Be aware of our limitations, blockages and fears and work in a practical and organic way to soften them

  • Discover and connect with what makes us vibrate, discover our gifts

  • Discover or get closer to our life purpose and the Divinity within us

  • Consciously use our resources and energies to manifest the life we ​​deserve

  • Share and learn with other women (group mode)

This program is for you if:

  • Are you willing to take responsibility in your life, and start or continue the path to Awakening and Transformation

  • You are tired of being angry with the world, frustrated, lost without knowing what to do with your life, stuck in some area (a job, a partner, a family situation ...)

  • You want to discover what your gifts are, and feel with a life purpose

  • You think you are not good enough at anything, you like too many things and you start without finishing any, or you have no special interest in any

  • You feel the pressure of always being available, always living outside, or for other people, pressuring you to do things that don't really make you happy

  • If you want to improve your relationship with yourself and your intuition

  • If self-demand, perfectionism, guilt, shame are part of your life.

  • If you want to do it in an individual way to be able to work in depth on certain aspects.

What do I commit to with you?

  • Create a safe and completely confidential space

  • Put all my energy, knowledge and experience

  • Respect your times and your process, we are all different and the beautiful thing is to discover who we really are. Without judgment, there is nothing right or wrong, and no concrete expectations or results that we should achieve.

  • Give you practical tools adapted to your needs and preferences.

  • Accompany you on this path, always proposing not directing. Each of us is our best teacher, and who knows best what is best for us. Keep only what works for you and resonates with you.

How is the modality?

12 individual sessions of 1 hour, for 3 months, weekly, online by Zoom (or similar) or in person.

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Menstrual  and Uterine Therapy


What is Menstrual and Uterine Therapy?

This is a process of self-knowlege and energetic healing that combines all my
knowlege and experience in Coaching, Menstrual Therapy Madretierra, Healing of Uterine Memories and Ovarian Breathing, Feminine Alchemy.


The Menstrual Therapy Madretierra is a method developed by Zulma Moreyra, based on our menstrual cycle (whether we still have our blood or not), where we can see reflected the portal wounds that we carry in all stages of our life as women: childhood, adolescence sexual women, mature creative women and when we enter menopause or from our ancestors.
These portal wounds are situations that are recorded somewhere in our body unconsciously and arise throughout our lives as repetitive situations, emotional obstacles, pain and even illnesses.
So, every month, through the observation and understanding of our cycle, we have the opportunity to see these portal wounds and bring clarity, consciousness or the possibility to heal that pain.

Uterine memories are records of information that we receive while we are in our mother's womb, not only of the DNA of our mother and father, but of everything that happens from the moment of conception. For this reason, we arrive with a lot of information, the effects of which can be manifested throughout our lives. In addition, from that moment, our uterus also begins to store information from our own experience and the different stages that we go through, which will also affect our life.

In this therapy we will work with all the information that we carry, that make us be, express and behave in such a way, to be able to heal and reaorganize whatever is needed. It is a process of energetic healing which has an impact in the rest of your body and the result of it, is related with the level of participation and involvement of the person in the process.
It is a magical process of transformation where I only accompany and facilitate you the process, as all the answers are within you. You will be able to see them in the same level that you open yourself to see them and walk them. Even after finishing the process, it can take some more time for things to settle and manifest externally.

What things are we going to work on?

It is a complete process of 12 sessions in which each month we will work on one of the stages of a woman's life and layers of our uterine memories:


Month 1: Introduction and self-knowledge
Month 2: Little Girl and Menarchy
Month 3: The Alchemical Woman and Sexuality
Month 4: The Creative Woman, the relationship with mother and father
Month 5: The Lineage Woman, menopause and transgenerational and intrauterine uterine memories.
Month 6: Integrating all women within myself

This program is for you if:

  • You have irregular cycles

  • You have a diagnosis in your sexual organs: PCO´s, myomas, fibroids, endometriosis ...

  • You want to conceive consciously or you have challenges to get pregnant.

  • You have painful periods or "premenstrual syndrome"

  • You want to heal your uterus from any traumatic experience or memory.

  • You are entering a new life stage and you want to do it with awareness and connecting with all your potentialities.

  • You feel things that may not be yours and that you carry on an energetic level.

  • You feel blocked in some areas of your life.

  • You have a hard time manifesting the life you want and deserve.

  • You want to explore, heal and enjoy your sexuality and pleasure.

  • You want to work on your family system and find your place in it.

  • Understand and close experiences of your family heritage that may be limiting you in your life now.

  • Heal your feminine and your relationship with being a woman, and integrate and heal your masculine by finding balance.

  • You have already done the Feminine Self-Knowledge Course or the Individual Program Self Knowledge and Femenine Ciclicality with me and you want to continue deepening.

What is it about?

We will have 12 sessions of approximately 2 hours, every 2 weeks (2 / month) for 6 months online or in person.
Before some of the sessions, I will send some questions to reflect on, to start preparing ourselves, and to help me adapt the sessions.

It can be done individually or in groups. When the process is in a group, we will have a WhatsApp / Telegram group where I will be supporting and accompanying you throughout the process and where we can be sharing during the six months of therapy.

At the end of the process, I will also share some aditional meterial: a guide on self-knowledge, bibliography and some books from the bibliography so that you continue to deepen your self-knowledge and healing process.



Ask me for more information if you are interested in joining and / or request a free session to experiment if this can help you.

Request a FREE session

For me it is very important that we get to know each other and try a session to be able to decide with information and awareness, if it is something that can help you at the moment you are, and if we feel comfortable working together. It is also an opportunity to clarify what type of service best suits what you want and need, and clarify any other questions that may arise. It has no cost or commitment, promised!

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