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REsignifying the feminine: a Feminine Revolution from Love.

Are you one of those who reject what has been associated with women and the feminine to show that we can be equal to any other person and to men? Or have you seen yourself behaving in ways labeled feminine that don't really resonate with you?

For too long, in my opinion, patriarchy has defined gender roles, based on the sexual organs with which we are born: male or female, and excluding in turn, any other possibility such as intersex.

This definition creates an identity and an ideal of identity that society, the family, the school and even ourselves, push us to reach. Furthermore, these identities are given a meaning and a valuation. For this reason, everything that has to do with women has been devalued: care, upbringing, motherhood, affection, emotions, menstruation ...

All this has made us forget who we really are, completely disconnect from our body and our natural cycles in order to gain control over our bodies and behaviors ... with the aim of homogenizing ourselves, losing our differences and what makes us unique, losing the sense and right to belong to a tribe if we do not lose ourselves.

Not so many years ago, women were burned at the stake accused of witchcraft for knowing the secrets of their bodies, their cycles, nature, and living according to their needs and potentialities, and trying to live outside the system that was being created and imposed. A system based on hatred, violence, slavery ... and not on LOVE.

REsignifying the feminine, for me, involves re-remembering who we are, reconnecting with love, with our interior and disconnecting a little from the external, from so much noise that it does not really let us hear the call of Mother Earth to go back home, the call of our soul so that we return to ourselves and live our truth from LOVE.

Women have that possibility in our cycle and female body. I invite you to begin to observe and listen to our physical body, which is the gateway and connection to our interior. Let us observe the duration of our monthly cycle, the different moods that we go through in the same cycle, in the same week, on the same day! And that we make that observation from love, trying not to judge ourselves, not compare ourselves ... simply learn by having our body as a "book" of study.

It is a slow path of observation and patience, which nevertheless brings us the wisdom and keys to RE-signify OUR feminine, not because someone outside tells us that we have to do it and what is that new meaning that I have to give to the feminine ... but because we find it in ourselves: let us observe it, experience it, feel it, embrace it, value it, VALIDATE it and LOVE ourselves for that.

The change occurs from the inside out, and if we do it with ourselves, it can also be reflected on the outside ... if we VALIDATE, for example, the need to rest during menstruation as something necessary and positive and not as a sign of weakness, it will be possible for others to validate it as well. If we LOVE our body, its magic, its secrets, its discomforts, others can do it too ...

I propose another way, to continue doing the FEMININE REVOLUTION FROM LOVE.

How are you Resignifying your feminine?

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