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Monthly Women´s Circle - Nairobi

Hello lovelies!

Our monthly Women´s Circle is on Saturday 7th September from 10am to 1pm at Mwimuto (very close to Kitisuru). Come and awake your Inner Light.

It will be a Sacred Space for expression of the Divine Feminine and remembering healthy ways of relating to each other, supporting each other to heal, grow, awaken and remember the feminine energy and power within ourselves.

In this Circle, together with Zeiny, we will share 👇🏽

✨ Energy Healing

🎨 Art-Therapy

💃🏽 Dance & Movement

🔮 Oracle cards

🧘🏽‍♀️ Meditation

The exchange is based on “Pay what you wish” as our wish is that every women can reconnect back to her Divine and Feminine Essence no matter the economic situation, although it is NOT a free event.

There are limited spots so please, register and send your exchange to the mpesa number below to book your spot or contact us directly: 0719881779 (Pau)

If after registration, you cannot attend the circle, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can give the spot to another woman🙏🏽

Every woman is welcome! And please feel free to share it with other women who might be interested

We are really looking forward to it!

Lots of Love

Zeiny and Pau🌱

Do you want to Facilitate a Women´s Circle or be part of the Community?

The Women´s Circles are happening every month in Nairoibi in different locations. Every month the Circle is co-created with a different facilitator  as this is a safe space to share the gifts and the magic within you with other women, learn from each  other and give and receive in a balance and in loving way. So, all women are welcome to co-create with me  one of the Circles, as all of us we have so much to share no matter what is our profession or background.  Get in touch with me if you are interested to share your magic with this beautiful Community.

And if you are looking for a Community I invite you to join the WhatsApp Group "Divine Feminine". It is a group to share about Self-knowledge and Divine Feminine Healing that I´ve created some years ago. A safe space where women can come together and share about our experiences, limitations, wounds and anything related with our Sacred Femininity. We can all be sharing workshops, women's circles, courses, products, therapeutic processes, books, articles and all kinds of resources (free and with economic exchange) related with Divine Feminine. 
You are all very welcome!💜


I want to register for the Women´s Circle

Thank you for Registering. Check your email for confirmation and details and please send your exchange to confirm your spot to the M-pesa: 0719881779 (Paula Arranz)

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