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How divagate and intuition are connected. Use writing to find out

Has it ever happened to you that you have a lot of ideas in your head and you can't put them in order or you don't see the clear connection between them, although they are all connected for you? Or has it happened to you that you don't know what you feel, or don't know how to put words to what you feel? Are you in a whirlpool of emotions and you don't know exactly what happens or how to explain it?

I discovered by reading the book "Women's Body, Women's Wisdom" by Dr. Christiane Northrup (which I recommend 100%) that men's intelligence is more intellectual and women's is more intuitive. And what this means, in my words, is that sometimes not even our mind can understand how we intuitively know something or have come to that conclusion, and we still do anyway! Through our emotions, or our body that are connected with our intuition, we get to that information.

When I read this, I felt a great relief because I understood that maybe I am not as strange as I thought, that I start to divagate, I put together a labyrinth of ideas, I don't know how I am putting them together and I come to an end that has nothing to do with the first thought I started with…. And I see everything so clear!!

It makes perfect sense to me ... another thing is when I try to explain it to another person ... sometimes I don't even get the words or when I hear them come out of my mouth, they have nothing to do with how everything sounded in my head ... it is in these moments that I began to give myself the speech, and believe it: I am not clear, with so much rambling I will bore people or they will not understand me, it does not make sense, I do not retain the information, I do not know how to justify things, no matter how much I read and learn I can't transmit it, and a long etc.

Reading this in Dr. Northrup's book, in addition to helping me accept this part of myself, and even appreciating that I don't need to justify what I know because I just know it!, I realized something else ... that I needed a book, that a recognized author, and an intellectual reasoning and explanation, to validate my intelligence and my intuitive wisdom.

At least in this matter it seems to me something positive because I was able to recognize and understand something that happens to me, to which it had a negative connotation… And this is what has happened throughout history with feminine qualities…. They have been given a negative connotation until even ourselves have invalidated them, we have rejected them and we have distrusted them. And this is how they have and we have disconnected from ourselves, from our nature and from our power ... our feminine and woman power.

And all this divagating (which I will continue, for sure, in another post), was to tell you that something that I have discovered that helps me is WRITING. It has always helped me because it helps me to see things more clearly, to make sense of what I am feeling, and even to understand some things in a rational way. It also helps me to validate myself and to be able to communicate what I need and feel, to make other people understand it.

When I start writing in that state I usually have moments of "Aha!", of more clarity and above all…. It helps me to express emotions, to let go of what I need to let go and embrace and accept what I need in that moment. It gives me peace and security because I connect with my intuition and my inner guidance.

So I encourage you to try it, or look for your own unique ways. And above all, I encourage you to trust your intuition, to value and validate your unique knowledge and wisdom and resignify your feminine, to embrace and accept it. In this way we will also get society to do it little by little.

I say goodbye divagating, with a written and intuitive hug.

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