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How do you feel today?

How many times do you ask yourself this question? How many times can you identify what you feel? How many times have you repressed what you feel or have you busied yourself doing something else to not feel? Or how many times do you unload your emotions on other people and then feel even worse?

All this responds to our disconnection from emotions that have been given zero importance. It is so extreme, that in most cases we are unable to identify more emotions than: joy, sadness, anger, fear and apathy. We don't even have the vocabulary to express how we feel.

However, it is something very important that we must recover, since all the emotions that are not expressed, remain stagnant in our bodies, occupying a space that does not allow anything new, and freezing us inside.

And whether we like it or not, all this accumulation of unexpressed emotions will end up manifesting in our lives in one way or another: inability to start a relationship or create a project, an illness, insecurities, spitting them out disproportionately at the person in front of us and creating a bigger problem, etc.

Expressing emotions has a healing power, since if we live that experience, we can understand the good that is in that emotion and the opportunity that it brings us, as it comes, it will go away without taking up space, leaving space for something new, everything passes! Have you ever noticed when a child cries about something, and the next minute is rolling on the floor laughing? If she/he wants to cry, cries and if she/he wants to laugh, laugh and that's why they are so happy, so creative, so free….

As adults, we keep our feelings to ourselves, and they generate more and more discomfort within us, more stagnation and more unhappiness.

That is why today I come to propose that we reconcile with our emotions:

- Ask yourself: How do I feel today? Give yourself the space, the opportunity and the importance of knowing how you are, what you are going through ... If you do not identify the emotion, is ok, observe it and you can even identify where you feel it in your body and observe it, pay attention to it, breathe in it , feel it ...

- When we are identifying our emotions, let yourself feel them. Find a way to express them in a healthy way. If you have a lot of anger, instead of paying it with your partner who has forgotten to wash the dishes, take a pillow and stick it to the wall, write that person a letter (that you don't have to give) and let it go, find your way to let them out. You can express it with your voice, with movement, with exercise, try and discover what helps you the most.

The more we express, the more we heal, ourselves and the world. So I encourage you to take that role of observer and start paying attention to those emotions!

I say goodbye with a hug full of joy, sadness, illusion, anger….

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