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Do you think your body should be at your service? Discover the magic to live connected with it

Are you disconnected from your body? Do you feel betrayed by him when he doesn't respond how you would like? Do you think that your body should be at the service of what you want or be in a certain way?

All this happens because we have been totally disconnected from our body. We believe that our body must respond to our demands, the frantic pace of our work, that it should not get sick, always give 100%, have certain measurements or weight, etc.

However, have we took the time to ask our body what it wants or what it needs? In this capitalist and patriarchal society we have become accustomed to everything being at our service, to following the imposed rhythms, instead of observing the natural rhythms and needs and following them.

Therefore, what I propose in this post is that we reconnect with our body, that we listen to it, and that we live more according to its needs and not those of the mind (which is highly influenced by the system).

And how can we do that? Here are some suggestions for it:

1. Let's look at our body. It seems that we can only look at it or be proud of it if it has the measurements and weight valued by the system. But if we don't look at it, we will never be able to appreciate its beauty. And maybe when we look at it we don't see beauty, but quite the opposite ... okay, we are trying to create that relationship, so just see what happens when you look at it, how you feel, what you think ...

2. Ask your body how it feels, when you eat a certain food, when you exercise, when you work long hours, when you go for a walk in nature, etc. Identify what feels good to your body, what it enjoys. And you will know it because you will feel energized afterwards, even if you are tired (there is the tiredness of feeling terrible, and the good healthy tiredness).

3. Ask your body what it needs. Every moment is an opportunity to practice, and try things that you think your body needs and see how it responds, how it feels about it.

4. Touch your body, give yourself a massage, a hot shower feeling the water… pay attention to the sensations, to what you think at that moment.

5. Dance or move, depending on what you need, maybe a slow, smooth movement, or maybe you want to jump, dance to lively music ... connect with emotions and how you feel.

6. Rest. Rest is necessary, when our body asks for it, let us slow down, let it rest. Times of rest, of slowness, of silence, are necessary so that there can be activity later.

I hope this helps you to connect more with your body, to (re) take that relationship with it, this time, from listening and not from demand. If it has helped you or you have other proposals to connect with the body, share it with us so that we all grow and contribute.

I send you a body hug.

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