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Do you want to find your purpose in life? 6 recommendations that will help you!

Do you feel that life is something else but you don't know what? Do you feel trapped or stuck in some area of ​​your life and you don't know how to get out? Do most of your daily activities just take away your energy?

That is because you do not live according to your life purpose. When you live manifesting and developing what you have come to do in this world, you do not lose energy, but you are recharged afterwards. You enjoy what you do and take full responsibility for it.

In addition to enjoying yourself, the purpose of life tends to give a service to the rest of the world, which is why it is so important that we (re) connect with it, not only for ourselves but for the good of society and the world in general.

In order to connect with your life purpose, I tell you some things you can do to connect and open up to it:

1. The first thing is to show interest. Put your attention and your intention to discover your purpose in life. Ask yourself, listen to yourself, open up to connect with it, through a small ritual or meditation, or making a wish on a shooting star…. Be creative and find your unique way of setting your intention.

2. Remember things that you used to like when you were little or for the rest of your life that you stopped doing. And of those things, think about which ones you would like to do or try again at some point. Once you have them identified, take your time… but I encourage you to take them back or try them again!

3. Identify and connect with the things that are in your life that make you vibrate, that recharge you with energy. Consciously connect with the emotion, with how you feel in those moments, with the pleasure of them, and relive that feeling and connect with that energy whenever you can and want. That makes you vibrate in a different, higher energy, which will automatically attract things into your life that make you vibrate in the same way.

4. When you have to make a decision, try to differentiate which decision your mind would make and which your intuition would make. Once you differentiate it, I invite you to make the decision that your intuition indicates. You can start with simple decisions, like whether or not I should exercise today. The more you follow your intuition, the easier it will be to recognize her, and she is the one who has all the answers and also the one who knows your purpose.

5. DECIDE to take the opportunities that come your way. As weird as they seem or are way out of your way, if your intuition tells you to follow it, go for it!. You never know where they can take you and it can be the step that leads to the next, and the next, and the next…. May they lead you to your purpose.

6. Develop and practice your patience and confidence. Discovering your purpose is not something that will happen in 1 day (maybe in your case, yes). So you have to be patient and trust, because once you have established your intention to find it, sooner or later it will happen, because you are in search. And it's not that you don't already know… you know! You just have to remember it and reconnect with it.

I hope these recommendations are helpful to you and that you manage to (re) connect with your purpose in life and that we can all enjoy it as much as you will!

I send you a hug full of purpose

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