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The magic of sharing with other women

I never stop being amazed at the power “sharing” really has. It seems like a simple slogan, or something that is very good to say, and the reality is that sharing with other people, and in my case with other women, has been magical, very powerful and enriching.

On the path of self-knowledge and healing, you realize that it is a job that you have to do for yourself, in which you have to take 100% responsibility for your life, and start trusting someone you have not normally trusted before: yourself.

However, we are not alone on this path, and when we share with other women we feel accompanied, we feel supported, we identified, understood, and that gives us strength to continue on our paths. And not only that, we also learn and grow together, because nothing is by chance, and the women with whom we coincide on our path, (like all other people), bring us something, they come to contribute something to our personal path.

When they share their story, sometimes that story makes something in us to be activated, or makes us realize something in ourselves that we weren't seeing before, makes us identify, from a different place perhaps, in our own story, or makes us realize resources and qualities that we also have but only saw in others. They are a mirror to us and it is an opportunity to continue learning about ourselves.

It also allows us to appreciate the diversity in others, and our own. In this society we have been taught that fitting into the "norm" is the good thing, and that makes us distance from ourselves, from our purpose and from our true identity. When we get together to share with other women and see the diversity of experiences, cultures, visions, experiences, we realize that there is nothing normal, and that it is much more beautiful to be different, because with that diversity we enrich ourselves and we all grow.

In my personal journey, both when I have been accompanied and when I accompany women, I have felt and feel just as lucky and grateful. I have grown, I have learned about myself, I have discovered my purpose and I have felt with strength and courage to manifest it. Every day I feel accompanied, supported, learning and healing.

Thanks to all the women who have been, are and will be part of my life and of my path of self-knowledge and reconciliation with my sacred feminine. Thank you for your wisdom, your learnings, your experiences, your curiosity, your strength and honesty, for giving yourself and to awaken.

Self-knowledge makes us grow and heal everyone and the world, so I encourage you to do it, to get together with other women who are in a similar process and to share all that wisdom that you carry inside, because that is not found in books ... each one of us carries it inside and we usually keep it locked up.

I encourage you to open the door and access that feminine knowledge and wisdom, let's go back to our origin and nature!

I say goodbye with a hug full of sorority and gratitude!

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