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5 Simple proposals for self knowledge

Do you want to work on yourself and you don't know how to start or do you have a lot of information but you don't get to put it into practice?

It has happened to me too, and I tend to seek help or guidance from other people or women to focus, which is an option too, but if you want to start on your own, here I leave you with some easy and clear points to start with today.

To work on ourselves, the first thing is to know ourselves. There are no unique recipes, there are many tools, and to discover the ones that serve each one of us, the first step is SELF-KNOWLEDGE.

For this, self-observation is important, taking this process of self-knowledge as a process of learning and observing yourself. Don't push yourself or obsess with changing behaviors, reactions, etc, right now. It is necessary to first observe, know, understand and accept ourselves as we are, integrate all our parts, and finally decide what we want to keep or what we want to change.

Here are some proposals to start working on yourself, on that self-knowledge and self-observation:

1. Decide that you want to work on yourself because YOU really feel that need. Ask yourself what it means for you to work on yourself? What would you like to achieve with this process? What do you really mean by that? Keep asking yourself until you really get to the answer that something inside you tells you, that´s it!

2. Take a little time for yourself every day, even if it's only 5 minutes! In this little while, ask yourself how am I today? How do I feel? How is my body? Where is my mind, what am I thinking? You can do this by dancing, meditating, exercising ... whatever you like or resonate the most! And if you want and it helps you, you can have a small diary and write it down.

3. In each activity you do each day, or in your relationships, interactions, at work, in any conflict, etc., you can ask yourself how do I feel in this circumstance? See if you allow yourself to express what you feel, if you identify what you feel, if you repress it, ignore it, what mental speech you have, etc.

4. Do some simple activity in PRESENCE. It is about becoming aware of what you are doing and putting your full attention on it. For example, taking a walk in the park, pay attention to the colors, smells, sounds, how you feel, the steps you take, etc. You can do it with anything, even having a coffee and savoring it slowly, etc. The important thing is to focus on what you do and pay attention to how you feel.

5. Explore and experience things that you want! Identify which ones are first, and whether or not you finally dare to try them, is indifferent, also observe what happens within you, how you feel. if you like it, it makes you vibrate, it doesn't resonate like you thought ...

The most important of all this information that I share with you is to put it into practice LITTLE BY LITTLE. If you are like me, who wants to try everything at once, get results yesterday, and become an expert of yourself NOW, possibly you will do it for a week and you will get tired ...

For this reason, I propose that for now, you only choose one or two proposals and put them into practice. Over time, you can include more practices or increase the times according to your pace and what you need. If you do not achieve what you had proposed at the beginning, remember that this is still part of our observation! How do I feel about it? What are the reasons why I didn't or did it? Etc.

And if you are one of those who find it difficult to be consistent, or prefer to be accompanied, you can look at my Program "Self Knowledge and ciclicity Nature Women", or find any other professional with whom you resonate, to walk this path together!

I send you a huge hug and I wish you a path full of discoveries and awareness!

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