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Let go of the old to make room for the new

Has it ever happened to you that you feel stagnant, and you need a change but you don't dare to take the step, or you don't know what step to take or how to take it? Are you insecure because all options are uncertain and are you afraid of not making the right decision? Or are you in such a good or stable situation that you don't want it to end?

That is what happens in change processes, and part of that change is learning to live with uncertainty and with that insecurity. And this is normally difficult for us because we have learned that changes are exceptional and that what we must look for, is stability and linearity. That is why sometimes changes are so difficult or even become stressful processes.

However, life is change, and if there is something that nature and our menstrual cycle teach us, it is that change is not only part of our life, but it is NECESSARY.

Trees bloom in Spring, bear fruit in Summer, change color in Autumn and lose their leaves in Winter, and if they do not follow this cycle, it is not possible for them to bloom the following Spring.

We have a whole hormonal process, by which we ovulate and if we do not get pregnant, we menstruate. If we do not go through this process, the cycle that gives the possibility of a new creation does not start again. In fact, in our menstrual cycle we are like 4 different women, like the 4 phases of the Moon: New, Crescent, Full and Waning. And if one doesn't happen, the next can't happen either.

What happens is that even in our cycle we have been "altered" so that, we do not experience these changes, or that we live it as linearly as possible. Therefore, we lose our natural wisdom of change and cyclicity. To this I will dedicate another post on my blog, since now I want to focus on change and its need.

It is necessary to close processes, let go of what no longer belongs to us, doesn´t serve us anymore or is good for us, or even what we feel good, but at some point will make us stagnate, turning into something negative.

And the reality is that, if we do not close or let go of something, we do not give space to the new, we do not leave space to the new life, to new possibilities, because we are using all our energy to maintain a situation that must transcend and transform. It's as if we have a full glass of water: if we don't drink or empty it first, we won't be able to refill it with something different this time, and that water will come to smell bad and rot from being stagnant.

When we menstruate, we let go of what should no longer be in our body, the possibility of a creation, we cleanse ourselves and make room for the possibility of a new creation (and not only biological).

That is why I encourage you to embrace change, to recover the wisdom, beauty and opportunities that change brings us. That we let go of what is stagnant, so that new things, people, jobs ... come into our lives.

And sometimes this requires an act of faith. Trust and firmly believe, that when you let go of something, something new will appear. I challenge you to try it, even with something small: an old shirt that we like a lot and we resist throwing away, stop doing something that you really don't like but you still do automatically, etc.

And I also encourage you to share your experience!! I would love to read youand share with you more! It seems like pure magic when these things happen… pure magic like nature is!!

I say goodbye with a hug that brings change to our lives!

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